This site is dedicated to all homeowners who bravely-and hopefully not blindly – forge their way through the realities of building their vision of a beautifully remodeled home, or that new family room, the extended kitchen or landscaped garden that promises family fun, perhaps a new backyard deck where entertaining friends and family awaits you. But should you have that dreaded encounter with the contractor from hell, know that you are not alone in dealing with the fallout, and you will bear witness to what many of us have sadly realsed. So hope for the best and prepare for the worst by doing your homework and all that I share on my site. Mitigating any unforeseen problems is your goal. Then you can celebrate.

Here, you will hear first-hand information from a wide range of construction issues and aspects. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional in the construction trade, reading about other individual’s experiences can prove useful as guidelines.

I hope that you benefit from and enjoy the site, and I thank you for doing so!